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Lists of books, their authors and publishers on show house gardens and showhouse garden designs, garden locations and their worldwide locations, destinations, towns, cities and counties

Gardens by Design by Noel Kingsbury

For Every House a Garden A Guide for Reproducing Period Gardens by Rudy J. Favretti and Joy P. Favretti

Great Houses and Gardens of New Jersey by Caroline Seebohm and Peter C. Cook

Container Gardens Fresh Ideas for Creating Beautiful Potted Gardens by Better Homes and Gardens

Your House, Your Garden A Foolproof Approach to Garden Design by Gordon Hayward, Janet Fredericks, and Richard Felber

For Every House a Garden A Guide for Reproducing Period Gardens by Rudy J. Favretti and Joy P. Favretti

Fern House A Year in an Artist's Garden by Deborah Schenck and Lauri Berkenkamp

Irish Houses and Gardens From the Archives of Country Life by Sean O'Reilly (Hardcover - Sep 1, 1998

Nantucket Gardens and Houses by Taylor Lewis and Virginia Heard (Hardcover - Jun 28, 1990)

A Garden with House Attached by Sarah Warner Brooks (Paperback - Oct 9, 2008)

The Tudor House and Garden: Architecture and Landscape in the Sixteenth and Early Seventeenth Centuries (Studies in British Art) by Ms. Paula Henderson (Hardcover - Jul 11, 2005)

Garden House Bringing the Outdoors In by Bonnie Trust Dahan and Sean Sullivan (Hardcover - Feb 1, 1999)

The Welcoming Garden by Gordon Hayward

World of Garden Design Inspiring Ideas from Around the Globe to Your Backyard by Susan Dooley, Editors of Garden Design Magazine, and Susan Doodley

Create Your Own Japanese Garden A Practical Guide by Motomi Oguchi, Joseph Cali, and Kay Yokota (Hardcover - Jul 1, 2007)

The New Traditional Garden A Practical Guide to Creating and Restoring Authentic American Gardens for Homes of All Ages by Michael Weishan and Seth Godin Productions (Hardcover - Sep 21, 1999)

Garden History Philosophy and Design 2000 BC - 2000 AD by Tom Turner (Paperback - Jul 19, 2005)

Private Gardens Of Charleston by Louisa Cameron (Hardcover - April 1, 1992)

Magnolia Plantation and Gardens by Magnolia Plantation And Gardens Corp and Derek Fell (Paperback - April 1, 2009)

A Place of Beauty The Artists and Gardens of the Cornish Colony by Alma M. Gilbert and Judith B. Tankard (Hardcover - Mar 1, 2004)

Southeast Asian Grasslands: Understanding a Vernacular Landscape (Contributions from The New York Botanical Garden, Volume 21) by Michael R. Dove (Paperback - 2008)

Courtyard Gardens of Kyoto's Merchant Houses by Katsuhiko Mizuno (Hardcover - Dec 15, 2006)

Gardens of the National Trust by Stephen Lacey and Sir Roy Strong (Hardcover - Oct 1, 2005) Garden design by Robin Williams (Hardcover - May 1, 1995)

Majesty of the Garden District (The Majesty Architecture Series) by Lee Malone and Paul Malone (Hardcover - April 1999)

Forgotten Modern: California Houses 1940-1970  by Alan Hess and Alan Weintraub (Hardcover - Sep 11, 2007

French Garden Style by George Leveque

Perennial Gardens: Great Ideas and Projects for Glorious Color Year After Year by Better Homes and Gardens Books and Cathy Barash (Paperback - Jan 1, 2001)

Theme Gardens Revised Edition by Barbara Damrosch

Garden Paths Inspiring Designs and Practical Projects by Gordon Hayward and Elayne Sears

The Great Edwardian Gardens of Harold Peto From the Archives of Country Life by Robin Whalley (Hardcover - May 1, 2007)

Midwest Gardens by Pamela Wolfe and Gary Irving (Hardcover - Nov 1, 1991)

The Garden in Ancient Egypt by Alix Wilkinson (Paperback - Dec 1, 1998)

William Morris & Red House: A Collaboration Between Architect and Owner by Jan Marsh (Hardcover - Nov 1, 2005)

New Orleans Architecture Volume I: The Lower Garden District by Samuel Wilson, Bernard Lemann, Betsy Swanson, and Mary Louise Christovich

Singapore: City of Gardens by William Warren et al and Luca Invernizzi Tettoni (Hardcover - Jan 1, 2001) Cezanne's

Garden by Derek Fell (Hardcover - Feb 17, 2004)

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